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Vivid Foods Enjoy Life

Vivid Foods

Enjoy life.

Our mission and values

We produce and supply safe, nutritious, and high-quality food while respecting the environment and promoting animal welfare through innovative and sustainable practices. We value our employees, and invest in their development and well-being, while also supporting and creating value in the communities where we operate.


Our impact pillars

Consumer experience

Quality and Safety

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Social responsibility

Sustainability and environment

Animal welfare

Meet the team

Vivid Foods is comprised of a dedicated team. Get to know them!


Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to making a difference in the food industry, promoting a more sustainable world for present and future generations, while ensuring safe and quality food products.



We develop all kinds of products, from the most conventional and ubiquitous in the market to the most innovative. We collaborate with the customer, to find differentiating solutions that add value to the entire consumption chain.

Our wide range of products includes meat, fish, vegetables, and mixed products.

Vivid Foods carne

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We meticulously select the finest available meats. The company maintains partnerships with reliable suppliers and producers who share the same dedication to quality and animal welfare.

Vivid Foods Pescado

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The fish is skillfully prepared and packaged to preserve both its texture and flavor.

Each product is designed and formulated to enhance consumer convenience, with a focus on healthy and conscious choices.

Vivid Foods Proteína com vegetais

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Protein and vegetables

We combine fresh vegetables, rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, with high-quality animal proteins, providing a comprehensive nutritional profile that covers all dietary needs.

Vivid Foods Vegetais

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Vegetable alternatives

We have a plant-based range that reflects a concern for current consumer choices and ensures a commitment to sustainability and the highest quality of our products.

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