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About Vivid Foods

From people to people.


What we do?

Our mission is to produce and provide safe, nutritious and high-quality food, respecting the environment and promoting animal welfare through innovative and sustainable practices. 

Our mission


We value our employees and invest in their development and well-being, while supporting and creating value in the communities where we operate.


We seek collaborations that form mutually beneficial partnerships in order to balance economic success and social responsibility, promoting sustained and responsible growth.


Inspire transformative changes in the Agro-Food Industry, becoming a reference example in order to continually contribute to a more conscious and sustainable future.

“We may not be able to predict the future, but we can prepare for it”



To be a leader in innovative and sustainable food solutions from a systemic point of view, establishing new standards of quality, safety and animal welfare, supporting initiatives that connect and strengthen the entire food system at different scales, from local, regional and global .

Building a future that our employees are proud to be part of and where the communities in which we operate thrive.
Inspire dynamic processes of co-evolution, learning, awareness and constant transformation of the processes on which our future depends, encouraging other companies to follow this path with us.

Sustainability, health and economy
Promote the production of natural and nutritionally rich foods, with a positive impact on the health of individuals and the planet, using local production methods that strengthen the community's economy and balance reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

Our values

Food Quality and Safety

Produzimos alimentos seguros e de qualidade, garantindo a satisfação e a confiança dos clientes.


We develop and implement 
bold ingredients, technologies and processes, anticipating market needs and trends. 

Commitment to employees

We value, support and respect personal and professional development of employees, promoting a rewarding, safe, diverse and inclusive work environment.


We are committed to operating in a mannerenvironmentally responsiblel.

Mindful eating

We encourage careful and conscious choices. We educate and inform the importance of abalanced and sustainable diet, introducing healthy food products into the market.

Commitment to society

We create and continually improvework stations. ANDwe enrich thecommunities where we operate. We support,local institutions, collaborators and people in need.

Combating food waste and recovery

of by-products

We work atreducing food waste at all stages of production, adopting efficient and responsible practices, such as the valorization and use of by-products.

Adaptability and resilience

We maintain the ability toadapt to market changes, consumer needs and global challenges, continually evolving with resilience to face uncertainties and overcome obstacles.

Educational partnerships

We invest in training and we collaborate withschools and higher education institutions in order to support new talents, promote learning and exchange  knowledge relevant to the sector. 

Animal welfare

We treat all animals with respect and dignity. We only collaborate with suppliers and partners who comply with this value.

Creating Value Systems

We cultivate a business model thatgenerates value for all stakeholders chain, promoting lasting relationships, cooperation and mutual growth.


and transparency

We maintain theintegrity in all our actions and decisions, ensuring direct and transparent communication with our employees, customers, suppliers and entities.

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