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Food Quality and Safety

Safe, quality food that guarantees satisfaction.

Our commitment is to produce safe and quality food, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of customers and consumers.

How do we differentiate?

Value addition

We create products that add value to everyone involved in the chain.

Continuous formation

We value daily training
of our collaborators.


Minimization of waste/emission production and transition to renewable energy.


Transparent information
and clear about the characteristics and production processes
of each product.

Safe products
and high quality

Products that respect all requirements and promote careful eating.


We value,  We support and respect thepersonal development and professionalism of employees, promoting a rewarding, safe, diverse and inclusive work environment.

We constantly look for ways to improve our practices and explore sustainable, collaborative, fair, regenerative innovations,  that promote the efficient use of resources, in order to co-evolve and protect the planet for future generations.

We provide training to our employees in several areas of activity, which include occupational safety, food quality and team management techniques.



Audits and certification

We audit externally and internally with reference to international standards in the area of quality and food safety.

Internal audits

We audit internally based on a risk analysis that determines the frequency and sections to be analyzed.

External audits

We are certified with IFS version 7.  Certifications are renewed annually with an external audit.


Our certifications are:

IFS Food;

- Biologic;

- Animal Welfair by Certis;
- Land to Market

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